Book One: Crying Smiles

Crying Smiles Book One

There were footsteps, Charlie’s head raced from side to side like a spectator at Wimbledon, there was no-one there, the steps came from inside the fence and they were getting closer, In an angry whispering voice he heard someone say, "Get up" there was no answer, no movement, just the still of the night.

Charlie’s heart pounded, he stayed as quiet as he could. Again the voice spoke, a man, definitely a man, "Are you deaf, I told you to get up." Still nothing, no movements, no sounds.”

“The last time I told someone to do something three they landed up in hospital, so I really don’t want to ask you again.

There was movement, it sounded as if someone was picking themselves up from the ground, maybe using the fence to help them get up, they were whimpering like they were really scared.

“I’m gonna count to ten, if you are not back in the house by then I will bloody well drag you back, one.....two.....