Book Two: The Fears of a Town

Crying Smiles 2: The Fears of a Town

I want you to look for the A-B-C-2,
Or the J-K-L and the 5,
The T-U-V and the G-H-I
May keep your Maggie alive

Add to those clues if you will,
A D-E-F and a 3,
Make it a double D-E-F,
Sorry that’s typical of me.

Dont look for the yellow, the green or the blue,
Or the cat, the dog or the fox,
Dont look for a bag made of leather,
Or a paper or cardboard box.

After reading it for the first time, charlie told himself to slow down, read it more slowly, it will make more sense. He read it again, he still didnt understand a word of it. The first verse looked like nothing, it was the second that was really puzzling him. The ABC could be the old cinema on Stuart street, but its not been open for 2 years or more ,what the hell does the TUV and the GHI mean?